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Was the story of LOTR inspired by WWII? [duplicate]

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by descheleschilder, Oct 8, 2018.

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    I can see many events and persons in LOTR that can be linked to events and persons in the Second World War.

    For example:

    1. Saruman and his allies you can associate with Hitler and his allies.
    2. Saruman, just like Hitler, wants absolute power.
    3. Enormous amounts of weapons (or soldiers) are created and soldiers trained in LOTR before the war starts, just like happened in Germany before the war started.
    4. A super race (the Uruk-hai) is created, just like Hitler wanted to.
    5. The superweapon (the explosive destroying the wall at Helm's deep) compares to the V1 and V2.
    6. Hitler, as well as Saruman, want certain groups exterminated.
    7. Gandalf represents the leaders of the allied forces against Hitler.
    8. Gandalf, like the allied leaders, show respect for different cultures (though not for tyrants).
    9. Initally, the war was likely to be won by Saruman and allies.
    10. Hitler, like Saruman, shows no respect for Nature (apart from his dog).
    11. The war is ended if Frodo drops the ring in Mount Doom, Which destroys the tower with the all seeing eye completely, the like the dropping of the atomic bombs.
    12. The all seeing eye on top of the tower in Mordor can be compared to Hitlers SS.
    13. The "good" guys win.
    14. The true heroes are not the leaders, but the ones who execute the orders. American and Russian soldiers (I certainly omit a lot of them) can be compared to Sam and Frodo (in fact I think Sam is the biggest hero of both).

    I'm sure I didn't mention a lot of other similarities, but I think 14 will suffice.

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