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Using pcolor to visualize clusters (from Hierarchical Clustering in multidimensional space)...

Discussion in 'Education' started by NRS, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. NRS

    NRS Guest

    I have output from Hierarchical Clustering on my data which is multidimensional and hence difficult to plot and show cluster centers.

    My data points are regions within a larger image, and I was thinking of depicting which regions are similar (i.e. which regions correspond to a given cluster) within that image.

    I am trying to use pcolor in python to depict the color coded cluster-number of each region (or block/cell in pcolor map). But visually it is not giving me what I want to show.

    Any suggestions on how I can use pcolor effectively or any other way to plot the cluster-indices of each region/data-point within my image?


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