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Two servers take down my network when I change their IP addresses

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Bill, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    It seems to be when I have either of the 2 servers out of 3 plugged into the network my Internet times out when I ping it from another location. I have 5 static IP addresses on my network and below is some of the information on them.

    Not In Use


    Vicibox 7 - Opensuse 10


    Web Server - Centos 6.5


    Data server - Ubuntu 12


    Computer Network

    My Troubleshooting

    I've been experiencing this issue since yesterday. Comcast wasn't able to help me when I reached out to them so here are the steps that I took to pin point the issue troubleshooting on my own.

    1. un-plugged everything from the modem
    2. Plugged the computers back in (so far everything is working fine. Internet is great).
    3. Plugged in the web server first and waited 15 minutes. (still working great)
    4. Plugged in the opensuse server and waited 15 minutes. (started getting request timeouts and couldnt access the internet really.)
    5. Unplugged opensuse server. (internet started working great again)
    6. plugged in data server and waited 15 minutes (internet went to crap again)
    7. unplugged the data server and internet was working great again

    I pinpointed the 2 servers, but it just seems strange that 2 out of 3 servers would cause Internet connectivity issues. I also checked iftop and for the vici server asterisk -rvvv to see if there was any unusual traffic and nothing.

    I am at a loss and come here with my detail to see if someone can help me get this resolved.

    Additional Detail

    I did some hardware testing. I changed the NIC I was using to the second one. I tried it as DHCP and hooked into the router and the network was fine but as soon as I set that NIC to Static, the network started crashing again. I have rechecked my static configuration and it is all set correctly.

    Configuration when the network does not work


    Configuration when the network works


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