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Technical Manager at DraftKings (Boston, MA) - Job Opportunities

Discussion in 'Job Opportunities' started by DraftKings, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. DraftKings

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    DraftKings is a leading sports entertainment brand that creates the most exciting digital sports competitions and experiences on the planet. Our goal is to transform the way fans experience sports. Our mission is to make sports better – and make better sports fans – by bringing them closer to the games they love. We are the signature tech startup of our generation in Boston.

    DraftKings is seeking a Technology Manager to join our engineering organization. You will be leading a team of talented developers supporting product solutions (accounting, identity, marketing, or game mechanics). You will be working closely with Product Managers, Project Management, and UX designers to help deliver imaginative solutions under real deadline constraints.


    • Manage, mentor and coach a talented group of Software Engineers
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to deliver value through your team
    • Drive continuous improvement in your team to address process and real world problems
    • Lead system design discussions that have real scaling challenges


    • 7+ years of software engineering management
    • Solid background in Software Engineering with strong grasp of OOP and REST design principles
    • Proven ability to effectively balance short term delivery and long term platform health
    • History of building productive relationships across a diverse set of stake holders and peers such as Product Managers, UX Designers, Project Managers and Company Leadership
    • Possess the passion to design, build and polish innovative applications
    • Bachelor’s degree in a technical major preferred

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