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strange 'leftover' URLs in pages header

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by thomas, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. thomas

    thomas Guest

    I tried to find answers to my question, but I couldn't - it's perhaps kind of hard to describe - no specific keyword that I could find..

    Anyway, I will describe what the problem is. I have created a site with Drupal 8.x - it's a two-language website, so I have enabled translation.

    I recently noticed that the HTML source code produced has some weird URLs left over in almost every header, of every page of my website. It exists in various Content Type pages, in static (basic) pages, in views - almost everywhere.

    I will now copy paste the URLs I typically find:

    <link rel="shortlink" href="/el/node/353" />
    <link rel="delete-multiple-form" href="/el/admin/content/node/delete?node=353" />
    <link rel="devel-load" href="/el/devel/node/353" />
    <link rel="devel-render" href="/el/devel/node/353/render" />
    <link rel="devel-definition" href="/el/devel/node/353/definition" />
    <link rel="token-devel" href="/el/node/353/devel/token" />
    <link rel="drupal:content-translation-overview" href="/el/node/353/translations" />
    <link rel="drupal:content-translation-add" href="/el/node/353/translations/add" />
    <link rel="drupal:content-translation-edit" href="/el/node/353/translations/edit" />
    <link rel="drupal:content-translation-delete" href="/el/node/353/translations/delete" />

    Now suppose I click on www.mysite.com/el/devel/node/353 (taking www.mysite.com as an example, and adding the link that shows on the header)

    I (being logged in as admin) see this:


    Of course if a user with insufficient rights, or an unknown user, clicks there, they will see a 'permission denied' or similar message, since they have no rights to see the page.

    However, I think it's still not appropriate for these links to exist in the header.

    I guess for Devel, I could uninstall it from my production site (no other module is using it) - but still, I don't understand why this is happening.

    Now - if I try to open up, say www.mysite.com/el/node/353/translations - I see the respective page for translations for that particular node (again, being the admin - otherwise I get a no-permissions message) - however, when I use another of the URLs at the header, specifically this one:


    site crashes, with the following error:


    I am not sure if that is helpful or not, I just put it here for completeness.

    I must note that the respective node number you see above (353) is just the one from the page where I copied the HTML source code. In other pages, it's the same URLs in the header, each time with the respective node numbers ...

    I really cannot tell what's going on there, and if these links are for some reason necessary, but I can't see why. I don't think they should be there. There might be something really simple I 'm missing here - I would appreciate any help, I 'm still a drupal newbie.

    Thanks for your help.

    PS - Trying to post with keywords (tags) 'devel', 'modules' or 'HTML' but they don't exist, and I don't have sufficient reputation to create new tags. Hence I post with the closest I could find.

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