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Sinewave in DC powersupply

Discussion in 'Physics' started by DieKautz, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. DieKautz

    DieKautz Guest

    today in our physics class we talked about the hall-effect. Therefore we have used a Lab Quest with a sensor to measured the magnetic flux induced by a coil. While adjusting the current to gather some values I noticed a steady lowering in amperage. And after replacing the power supply nothing happened.
    Some time passed and I found an option to plot the data over time and the result was interesting. The graph showed an alternating wave-like relation, like a mixture of a sine and rectangular wave. It looked like a normal sine,[​IMG] but at its peek it stayed there for a full period doing a full leap and again staying...
    I'm going to school in Germany and our ac power line frequency is about 50Hz and the wave had an duration of about 50 seconds and i can imagine there could be a relation.
    So my question is now what could possibly generate such an effect? and therefore wich device is broken?

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