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Senior Front-End Software Engineer (React/Ember) at Ritual (Los Angeles, CA) - Job...

Discussion in 'Job Opportunities' started by Ritual, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Ritual

    Ritual Guest

    About Ritual
    Based in sunny Los Angeles, Ritual is a health brand led by the belief that you should know exactly what’s in your vitamin and how it works. We use only the best nutrient forms and publish our sources and research for all to see—because transparency is our thing. Our mission is simple: to inspire women to feel their best, every day, through healthy, daily habits. Our team of curious skeptics is made up of world-class scientists, artists, e-comm whizzes, and straight up hustlers. We’re small, well-funded, and on a mission to reinvent an entire industry.

    We are looking for a creative senior front end software engineer to join our small but talented engineering team. This is an exciting opportunity and critical role for a very fast-growing brand. We believe that great digital experiences are an important part of any company’s success, and we think you'll agree.

    As a subscription service, we help our customers better invest in the products they’ve subscribed to, by reinforcing the habits that help them in their long-term mission. You’ll be a part of a strong digital product team of designers, product managers, and data analysts to continuously add to and improve our customers’ experiences online at scale.

    What You'll Do

    • Help lead the design, architecture, and execution of everything front-end web.
    • Establish engineering processes, define company engineering standards, identify and implement core technologies, and remove technical hurdles.
    • Work directly with our other Engineers, Designers, Product, and Marketing teams to implement core features across our customers’ experiences.
    • Build solutions for appropriate scalability. You're ok building something "hacky" if it fits the need, but can also call out real issues and create simple, scalable solutions for them.

    What You'll Use

    • Our homepage (marketing pages) use React, Gatsby, GraphQL, and Contentful headless CMS.
    • Our checkout + account experiences use Ember, JSONAPI, and work directly with our Rails API.
    • Our back-end is a Rails API that handles everything from account creation, payments, all the way through to fulfillment.
    • See more here: https://stackshare.io/ritual-com/ritual

    Who You Are

    • Front-end focused. You get hyped about CSS animations, great transitions, and the overall possibility of the web. You pride yourself on code cleanliness and structure, and you know that your best code is ahead of you. You love new technologies that make your work life better, things like Sass, Handlebars, and modern Javascript libraries like React, Ember, and Gatsby. Sometimes, you may even like to grab an animation library and play with animating graphs or typography, you know, for fun.
    • Humble Craftsman. You take pride in your work, and look for opportunities to iterate and make it better. You prioritize a simple solution over a complex one, leaning on the tools available to make your job easier, while ensuring solid test coverage backs up the decisions you’ve made.
    • Data driven. You believe that great data enables you and others to make better decisions.
    • Collaborator. You can dive deep and have complex technical conversations with your engineering team, nerd out over design decisions, and then turn around and explain those same conversations to non-technical teams.
    • Up for a challenge. You believe that just because something is difficult that it is not a reason for not doing it. In fact, that might be validation that it is worth doing, right?

    What You Need

    • Education: Open to all degrees! Equivalent experience also accepted.
    • Experience: 3-5 years of developing clean, scalable and efficient web apps in a fast-paced environment.
    • Strong experience in Javascript, and either React or Ember, with a passion for strong test coverage.
    • A demonstrated eye for design, as well as the ability to identify and solve real-world user problems.
    • An understanding of troubleshooting issues that may arise, and planning for scale.
    • Interest in learning additional skills/technologies as we continue to scale our platform and suite of tools.

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