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SE site-specific FAQs and an Area 51 FAQ

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Gnome, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Gnome

    Gnome Guest

    Should significant SE sites have their own FAQ, and where should it be?

    The SOFU FAQ works out well, IMHO, but it could use a lot more work. I've done some, and hope to do more. (Many of the problems are growing pains from before Meta existed, too.)

    I think community FAQs are helpful to users and to contain a central, authoritative, updated reference point for regulars. They can be much more detailed than the offical FAQs, and allow some discussion, clarification, and easy improvement from anyone in the community.

    Perhaps obviously (but perhaps not?), every SE site shouldn't have a dedicated FAQ on Meta, but significant ones should. With that in mind, Area 51 is significant enough, and different enough from other SE sites, to warrant its own. Should "regular" SE sites host their own FAQ? (That didn't work for SO, and there's a perceived need for a "meta" location for every site. Is that meta site this Meta for all of them?)

    The nascent Area 51 community FAQ

    Will this succeed? Is it in the right place? How should it refer to the "main"/SOFU FAQ? (Is the convention I started sufficient?)

    How long should we wait before creating more FAQ questions? (How much time should AFO be given to settle down?)

    Being limited to five tags total and requiring [area51], [faq]/[faq-proposed], and [support] only leaves room for two categorizing tags. Is two enough?

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