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Samba share is slow

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Corey Larson, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Corey Larson

    Corey Larson Guest

    The Problem

    At my company, we store all our game art assets on the network. To access the assets, we create symlinks to the few folders we need as we work along. Unity3d is happy with this arrangement and works as intended.

    I recently moved all the assets to a new Samba server from an old Windows Server box. However, when there are many folders symlinked, Unity3d has a very noticeable pause, sometimes upwards of 30 seconds while it re-scans the assets to see if there is anything to crunch or reprocess. It did not happen with the old Windows box.

    Another interesting bit of data I gleaned from this user: the pause happens with both the old Windows box and the new Samba server when using the company VPN. The user is running Windows 10, on a wired connection.

    Ubuntu 17.04 / Samba 4.5.8-ubuntu

    I can add relevant smb.conf sections if they are needed; its relatively bog-standard and has only one share that is pretty wide open.


    What could be causing this? How do I even begin looking for what the performance issues are in Samba?

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