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Run mapbasic 32 bit mbx from larger mapbasic 64bit project

Discussion in 'Geography' started by GeorgeC, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. GeorgeC

    GeorgeC Guest

    I need to run a 32-bit mbx within a 64-bit mbx -is this possible?

    Basically within a larger 64bit mbx routine, I need to call a mapbasic 32 bit mbx so that I can apply some regex code to a table.

    Unfortunately Mapbasic regex only works in 32bit currently -https://nyalldawson.net/2013/05/regular-expressions-in-mapbasic/

    I know I can add the following code

    Run program "performRegex.mbx"

    but as the system default is 64bit, how do I force it to use 32 bit?

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