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Rest position doesn't get stored

Discussion in 'Technology' started by TotalNoob, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. TotalNoob

    TotalNoob Guest

    I've been working with a model with some poses. After I was done posing, I decided to jump into doing some texture work with it.

    Since Blender can't help me with the textures, I use 3D-Coat. So I decided to use 3D-Coat and exported the model as OBJ, however, when I loaded it, it had some vertices moved around, so I went back to Blender to check and I exported it still posed.

    I then cleared all Rotation, Location and Scale to put the armature how it was and it worked. So I exported again to OBJ, and once again it exported it as it was posed.

    I removed every single Shape Key and tried to use the cleared armature as the Rest Pose, but it didn't work and it comes back to the last pose.

    How can I fix this issue? Thanks in advance

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