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Replace steel suppost post with wood

Discussion in 'Social' started by James, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. James

    James Guest

    We moved into a new build house with an un-finished basement. I am going to start finishing/framing the basement and 4 steel support posts that run down the center holding the beam. The main beam is 2 - 2X12. The posts that are attached to these beams have plates on the top and bottom that are 4"x6", so they would stick out past a typical 2X4 wall post. Is the standard procedure with these to take the post out and replace with wood? Or do I trim the plates down to work with a 2x4? All but 1 of these posts will be within a wall, the last one I am hoping can be wrapped in either wood or drywall. Or replaced with a 4x4.

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