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Reaction of Halogens with water

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by vishal mishra, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. The reaction of fluorine with water is very different from that of chlorine with water. $$\ce{2F2 + 2(H2O)->O2 + 2HF}\tag1$$

    $$\ce{Cl2 + H2O ->HCl + HOCl}\tag2$$

    I want to understand two main things:

    1. Why hypochlorous acid is formed in second reaction why doesn't it proceed like the first one?
    2. Has it got to anything with reduction potentials? Cl and O are very close and is that reason?

    I found this where a related question was discussed here I expect the answer to describe what happens in reaction of any halogen with water and how does its reduction potential play a role in it also are HOI and HOBr also formed?

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