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Progress and unlocked levels are reset after completing KRUNCH

Discussion in 'Social' started by JonathanDavidArndt, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. After completing the game KRUNCH, all progress in the game is lost, including player stats, and all the unlocked levels.

    While playing through the main campaign, there was a menu to "Continue". Until you finished the final escape sequence, you could select "Continue", and you would see your player name and all your game stats.

    During the final escape sequence, you could exit the game, and your progress would be saved normally. When starting the game again, you could see that all the regular levels were unlocked, and you could begin play at any of them, or continue where you left off.

    However, after completing the final escape sequence, the player name and all the game stats have been removed, and there is no way to access any of the unlocked levels. In effect, all progress has been reset back to the way the game was when it was original, pristine, and new.

    Is this normal?

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