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Programmable system on chip (SOC) pluggable on a host via PCIe

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by Flavius, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Flavius

    Flavius Guest

    Does anyone know a COM which is put on a PCIe card, which has some flash memory, some RAM, JTAG support (or some kind of debugging support), some input ports like USB, perhaps support some output like via VGA or LVDS, just like this board: http://www.knjn.com/FPGA-PCIe.html but not for FPGA development, but for microprocessors, preferably x86.

    Something similar has been done in the past, but the link is dead, and it should have enough documentation and be hacker-friendly (and cheap, not more than 100-150 USD).

    I will be writing the driver for the host system (linux), for inter-system communication, but the PCIe board itself should be pretty stand-alone (beside the operating system for the "guest OS" on the PCIe card which I will also have to write).


    (upon more research)

    Sun used to have SunPCI, but those cards are hard to get. Besides, I want something more modern.


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