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Problem with focusing on WebBrowser control when pressing TAB key in VB.Net

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by bbond, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. bbond

    bbond Guest

    I'm making a Windows Forms application with VB.Net (vs2015).
    The Form has a WebBrowser control and other controls.
    By the way, whenever pressing the TAB key on keyboard, it always focuses on the WebBrowser control first. Then pressing the TAB key again, the focus is switched between the HTML elements in the WebBrowser control.

    Till ending up switching in all HTML elements, the focus doesn't switch to other controls in the Form. Though, in the script I set the tabindex of the WebBrowser control to 1000 and set tabstop = false.

    It always focuses on the WebBrowser control first. So, I want to disable focusing on the WebBrowser control by pressing the TAB key or to disable the TAB key function in the Form entirely.

    Or maybe it's available to the user to press the TAB key alone.
    If it indicates pressing the TAB key and CTRL key in my application.

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