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Postgres recursive query not using trivial index on massive table

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by David Wolever, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. I've got a simple recursive query to find a tree of all posts:

    with recursive all_mentions(post_id, author_id, mentioned_id) as (
    select post_id, author_id, mention_id
    from mentions
    where author_id = 'abc123' -- <-- index gets used

    union all

    select next.post_id, next.author_id, next.mention_id
    from all_mentions as cur
    inner join mentions as next on
    next.author_id = cur.mention_id -- <-- index does not get used
    where next.post_id > cur.post_id
    select *
    from all_mentions

    There is an index on mentions.author_id, which gets used in the first portion of the query (ie, for … where author_id = 'abc123'), but it does not get used in the second part of the query (ie, … where next.author_id = cur.mention_id), and instead there is a table scan + sort of the 500M line table:

    Limit (cost=3818225300.80..3818225310.80 rows=500 width=136)
    CTE all_mentions
    -> Recursive Union (cost=779.32..3818225300.80 rows=13002675849 width=193)
    -> Bitmap Heap Scan on mentions (cost=779.32..75336.89 rows=18919 width=193)
    Recheck Cond: (("author_id")::citext = '0xc5918a927c4fb83fe99e30d6f66707f4b396900e'::citext)
    USES INDEX => -> Bitmap Index Scan on mentions_author_id (cost=0.00..774.59 rows=18919 width=0)
    Index Cond: (("author_id")::citext = '0xc5918a927c4fb83fe99e30d6f66707f4b396900e'::citext)
    -> Merge Join (cost=282994142.90..355809644.69 rows=1300265693 width=193)
    Merge Cond: ((all_mentions_1."author_id")::citext = (next."mention_id")::citext)
    Join Filter: (next.post_id > all_mentions_1.post_id)
    -> Sort (cost=25542.31..26015.28 rows=189190 width=40)
    Sort Key: all_mentions_1."author_id"
    -> WorkTable Scan on all_mentions all_mentions_1 (cost=0.00..3783.80 rows=189190 width=40)
    -> Materialize (cost=282968600.59..285568486.01 rows=519977084 width=166)
    -> Sort (cost=282968600.59..284268543.30 rows=519977084 width=166)
    DOES NOT USE INDEX => Sort Key: next."mention_id"
    -> Seq Scan on mentions next (cost=0.00..37074366.84 rows=519977084 width=166)
    -> CTE Scan on all_mentions (cost=0.00..260053516.98 rows=13002675849 width=136)

    Other relevant details:

    • There are many (millions) authors, and each author has a relatively small number of posts (on ~10-100; obviously there's a long tail)
    • I expect the query to return ~hundreds of rows

    Any pointers towards why this could be?

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