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Planning a round-the-world trip

Discussion in 'Technology' started by jafe, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. jafe

    jafe Guest

    My friend is preparing for her upcoming round-the-world trip and is excitedly making lists of places she wants to visit. She sent me a list of her current top 20 destinations. Mostly I see what the names refer to, but there's one that seems ambiguous and I can't figure out where in the world it is. Anyway, here is the list.

    In Europe she's interested in seeing the historical site of Knossos, the narrow Spreuerhofstraße street as well as the headquarters of the International Criminal Court.

    Apparently she really wants to see the Martyrs' Memorial in Algeria. Other African destinations on her list are the Fortress of São Miguel and the Ducor Palace Hotel.

    It looks like she intends to spend quite some time in Asia. The Nehru Science Centre and Fort Cornwallis are on her list. In China she wants to see the Bird's Nest, walk in the Dawei Mountain National Forest Park and check out Zhanqiao Pier. The remaining Asian targets are the E-World 83 Tower and the Nakasu red lights district.

    From what I can see she only has one Oceanian destination listed – Surfers Paradise in Australia.

    In the Americas she on the other hand has quite a few points of interest. She wants to see Granville Island and Copper Square, visit the Biosphère museum and take a tour in Fort Fincastle. She also really wants to see the Mitad del Mundo monument which marks the equator.

    There is one item on her list that I can't place on a map. She has written just Presidential Palace. Lots of countries have presidents and I assume a ton of them have some sort of presidential palace. I wonder which one she is talking about.

    Can you help me figure out which presidential palace my friend wants to visit?

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