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Is it possible to Flash VideoCore ROM?

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by Statement, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Statement

    Statement Guest

    If I understand VideoCore IV correctly, it contain a bootrom (and perhaps some other information in the ROM). I understand that the bootrom contain a different instruction set than ARM. I would guess it would be the same instruction set as the second and third boot loader stage (bootcode.bin/start.elf) that setup the system and load the os kernel.

    1. Is it possible to flash the VideoCore IV ROM at all?
      (Can I view an archive of firmware updates online?)
    2. Can Broadcom change the bootrom in any way?
      (Can they get rid of the dependency of having a FAT partition post-manufacture?)
      (Is firmware signed cryptographically so only Broadcom can change bootrom?)

    The reason I am asking this is mostly for curiosity. I want to learn what is possible to do and not how hard it is. If you happen to have links to resources where I can learn more, the merrier. If there already are documents that explain this in depth, I've obviously not yet found them and an answer could be "RTFM", which I'd gladly do.

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