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How was Abraham Whistler still alive in Blade II?

Discussion in 'Social' started by Nik-Lz, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Nik-Lz

    Nik-Lz Guest

    • At the end of Blade I, Whistler unambiguously committed suicide. The whole thing had a very dramatic tone to it. It is implied that he got tortured & bitten by the vampire attack squad right before. However, it's not really definite that he was bitten. Why do i say that?
      • First off, Deacon Frost said himself he wouldn't bite him (maybe the other subordinates did though disobeying Frost).
      • When Blade returned back to find Whistler all beaten up, he said "We can cure the wounds". I believe this scene was overly dramatized by the production for the audience. Whistler replies that he's "too far gone" and insists that Blade gives him his gun and we hear the gunshot in the background, implying that Whistler did in fact commit suicide. Remember, Blade's gun had silver rounds, so no matter what he was at the time, human or vampire, he would die from it.
    • Now in Blade II, Whistler has come back to life somehow. Blade's been chasing him through Russia, Romania and finally finds him in Prague, Czech Republic. Why would vampires go through all that trouble though for Whistler? Whistler only says that they enjoyed torturing him..

    Now what i make up of all of this. The production simply wanted to make something up and they improvised as they went along. So they brought Whistler in the sequel, since he and Blade had a good chemistry and due to the first movie's success. Still it's very (too much i think) fake to see Whistler come up in this movie, since it was made completely clear that he killed himself in the first movie. It's like forget anything that make sense in the world and just bring him back. And Blade II is a great movie, not a nonsense movie, so such a big plot-hole is just too big imo.

    What did really happen? Am i missing something? If anybody knows, kindly let us know.

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