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How to restore SD card backup?

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by CaptainProg, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. CaptainProg

    CaptainProg Guest

    I have had a failure in my SD card, but fortunately, I made a backup. However, I have no idea how to do the restore procedure.

    My backup was created with the raspbiBackup.sh script, and produces four files: an img, a mbr, a sfdisk and a tar file. The sfdisk and mbr files are around 500 bytes each, whereas the img is 69MB and the tar is 1.68GB. Extracting the tar reveals that the contents contain the entire filestructure of the root drive as I remember it.

    However, all of the online guides to restoring disk images I can find seem to start with the premise that the img file contains everything, and doesn't mention backup systems using other filetypes. As I recall, the Raspberry Pi disk is partitioned into a 'boot' partition, and a second one which contains all the files such as my programs and documents. My first attempts to get the SD card back up and running used the img file (69MB), and restored only the boot partition of the drive. This is a great first step, but I have no idea what I now need to do to restore the other 1.68GB of data that are contained in the tar file.

    I presume that I need to create a partition and then dump the contents of the tar file into that partition. However, I recall that the partition ought to be of a specific filesystem type ('Linux'?), and probably needs a specific name as well. What should that name and type be, and how do I go about creating that partition? I am doing this on OSX, but can work both DiskUtil and the graphical Disk Utility ('Linux' doesn't appear as a filesystem in Disk Utility). Note that I don't have a second Raspbian-enabled computer from which to conduct the restore procedure.

    Any guidance in how I might restore the original SD card contents, given that I have these four files at my disposal, would be greatly appreciated.

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