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How to predict the output of a solar panel depending upon weather conditions for real time...

Discussion in 'Physics' started by Fame313, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Fame313

    Fame313 Guest

    I want to build a system for smart grid which can optimize the grid power, load and battery charging to reduce my costs for grid power. For the optimization problem, I must know the current date to optimize the overall system, so the problem for me is how can I predict the solar power to optimize the system for the next hour. I want to know if there is a controller algorithm that will predict the power from a solar panel and then decide the power to system for optimization.

    In my matlab simulation, I implemented a clear-sky model that estimates the solar insolation according to the altitude angle (Chapter 7 of Gilbert Masters' book Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems ) . By using this insolation data, I want to predict the power in real hardware and then allow the controller to decide how to operate for the next hour, depending upon the previous hour's values. This insolation data that I have calculated is not predicted (it is estimated); we don't know the weather condition for the next day, or even the next hour.

    What algorithm or controller must I have to use to predict the solar insolation for use in a real-time hardware simulation depending upon the weather conditions?

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