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How to predict probabilities from a new data set from an already built and validated model...

Discussion in 'Computer Science' started by Saket123, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Saket123

    Saket123 Guest

    I have built a classification model using the following steps (and in the mentioned order) in Python -

    1. Data cleaning - Removing unwanted variables and separating Predictor variables from response variable
    2. Label Encoding
    3. Standardization( StandardScaler)
    4. Train Test Split
    5. Smote
    6. Model Building
    7. Model Testing using Test data

    a) Now I have a new dataset, and I want to predict using the above built model. How do I do it ? Which of the above steps should I follow and which ones should I skip ? b) Also, is the arrangement of any of the steps aforementioned very, very wrong so that it needs to be changed ?

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