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How to manage game-object script component and values in new updated model in unity

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by Muhammad Faizan Khan, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. I have several objects/Models/FBX that contain different childrens and it attached several mono-behavior scripts with different values assigned publicly in the inspector (settings). SO of the assignments are manually drag-and-drop in the inspector.

    Now the problem is each time we update the model in the project (FBX in the project) we have to drag and drop the model/FBX again in the hirarchy. It means that we have to attach all the scripts again with the values/Data (that we assigned in the inspector) again.

    I am currently looking for the right way to do this job. Currently, I place both new and old Models in the scene and then one by one I copy-paste the old object's script component into the new objects by viewing every child of an object. Then, I delete the old one model from the hirarchy. It is a very time consuming process. I want to automate it. Just like Unity I should save all the information (Components and assignment) of a game-object in a separate file (meta file custom) and bring them again on button click. But its challenging as i dont know how to save assignments (refrence objects).

    Note: I have to bring the fbx again in hierarchy because sometimes the object not properly update in the scene. Like mesh gets rotate or scaled in weird manner. Or sometime FBX childs are removed or add.

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