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How to make customized middleware in CKAN

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by Lingbo Tang, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Lingbo Tang

    Lingbo Tang Guest

    I've met a scenario which I have to override a common middleware in CKAN. And in CKAN default plugins/interface.py:

    class IMiddleware(Interface):
    u'''Hook into CKAN middleware stack
    Note that methods on this interface will be called two times,
    one for the Pylons stack and one for the Flask stack (eventually
    there will be only the Flask stack).
    def make_middleware(self, app, config):
    u'''Return an app configured with this middleware
    When called on the Flask stack, this method will get the actual Flask
    app so plugins wanting to install Flask extensions can do it like
    import ckan.plugins as p
    from flask_mail import Mail
    class MyPlugin(p.SingletonPlugin):
    def make_middleware(app, config):
    mail = Mail(app)
    return app
    return app

    It shows that I have to define "MyMiddleWare" class under a plugin that I want to implement in an extension. However, as it shows in the example, the actual middleware Mail is imported from a different class. I want to override TrackingMiddleware especially the __call__(self, environ, start_response) method, which environ and start_response are passed in when make_pylons_stack are invoked during the configuration phase. If I want to override TrackingMiddleware Should I create another config/middleware/myTrackingMiddleware.py under ckanext-myext/ and then in plugin.py I implement the following?:

    from myTrackingMiddleware import MyTrackingMiddleware

    class MyPlugin(plugins.SingletonPlugin):
    plugins.implements(plugins.IMiddleware, inherit=True)

    def make_middleware(self, app, config):
    tracking = MytrackingMiddleware(app, config)
    return app


    I tried to make the myTrackingMiddleware in an hierarchy and imported it in plugin.py, but I didn't received any request to '/_tracking' in myTrackingMiddleware.

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