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how operate ceiling fan with no reverse switch, without remote

Discussion in 'Social' started by RustyShackleford, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Trying to install a Minka ceiling fan/light (in buddy's condo). The ceiling box has three-wire circuit (white, black, red) and there are two wall switches connected. But the fan has no reverse switch, so apparently they require you to use it with the remote. But the receiver for the remote will not fit into the ceiling box (it is a condo building, framed with metal studs, and the box is smaller than fan boxes I'm used to seeing in wood-frame houses). Does anyone know of a fan wall switch that includes a reverse function ? I've searched Minka's accessories and I don't believe they sell one.

    To clarify: there are 3 wires (plus ground) coming into the fan ceiling box: white, black, red; two wall switches activate the black and red wires. I need to connect those 3 wires directly to the wires from the fan itself: white (neutral), black (fan power), blue (light power). But this provides no way to reverse the fan.

    Only other options I see are: put remote receiver in the wall switch box (where the two switches are located), which seems dumb; return the fans for ones with reverse switch; only operate the fans in blow-downwards mode; replace the ceiling box (not even sure how that'd be done in a metal-framed building).

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