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How far does reforming a capacitor help? Does it have any adverse effect on using such a...

Discussion in 'Physics' started by The_Vintage_Collector, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. I read a few articles on the internet about reforming capacitors. Does this actually apply only to a capacitor that was stored during a certain period of time or can it be used on any electrolytic capacitor? I know about the capacitance and ESR measurements, but lets say if these are within okay range.

    I've a bunch of old capacitors as shown in the picture. I was thinking maybe use the leakage tester of my Eico 950B and use it to form the capacitor as mentioned in a military article I'd read.But I also read on some forums people say the these old capacitors on some circuits with transformers can cause it to give "magic smoke!". How true is this?

    In the order of make:

    **Japanese:**SMC 16V 2200uF,

    European: Philips 385V 22uF,

    US: Nippon (Chemi-con) 15V 64000uF, Mallory 25V 15000uF, General Instruments Can type 450-350-250V 40-40-30uF & Astron 150-150-150V 100-100-100uF.


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