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How can I compare the damage gain between Bless and Faerie Fire?

Discussion in 'Social' started by Khashir, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Khashir

    Khashir Guest

    I would like to know the damage gain (expected value) from bless vs faerie fire (accounting for both saves and increased crit chance)?

    In terms of simplifying assumptions, I see two ways to go about it (but there could be better ones):

    1. The simpler scenario is to assume that spell attack and spell save DC have a 50% chance of succeeding (i.e., PC has 50% chance to hit enemy's AC and enemy has 50% to save vs PC's DC).
    2. The more interesting, bounty-worthy scenario is to figure out the weighted-average success rate at each level of play (for an attack targeting AC vs a Dex save), when faced with a level-appropriate monster (IIRC, when average party level ~= monster CR, party of 4, medium/hard encounter). I saw a post a while back comparing average defences across all levels (not sure if they used weighted or simple average), but can't find it at the moment. However, with that information in hand, it would just be a matter of comparing the weighted average AC/Dex to the attack mod/save DC of a character that level (assuming optimal stat allocation/levelling: +3 modifier to the main stat at char creation, +4 at L4, and +5 at L8, together with the appropriate prof bonus).

    If my Party Level to Monster CR ratio is off, feel free to adjust.

    Also, this post helps with the advantage calculation. If needed, assume both apply to an attack that deals 4d8 damage.

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