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Hockey mini game scoreboard help

Discussion in 'Social' started by Mattmontan, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Mattmontan

    Mattmontan Guest

    I run a small server that focuses on towny but also has a couple minigames on top of that. I added hockey rink that uses knockback 10 sticks and a pig with a bunch of health to play the game with. I have a button that gives a countdown and then spawns the pig.

    But can I make it so that when the pig enters the goal area, it turns on a lamp, then kills the pig? Then someone can press the spawn button and when they score a second goal, a second lamp illuminates, there will also be a set of lamps for each team. Then, when the game is over, someone presses a button, and the lamps all turn off and the game resets.

    So far since I dont know any command block stuff, I tried using some redstone, hoppers, pistons, dispensers and other stuff to try to build one without command blocks, but it works pretty poorly (it doesnt work at all)

    If anyone could help, I would love that so much. Even if it is the smallest bit of advice. -Matt

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