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Having trouble getting beyond about 80 population in Banished

Discussion in 'Social' started by Octopus, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Octopus

    Octopus Guest

    I've started maybe a dozen or so separate games of Banished and I always end up with major issues by the time I get to around 40-80 people.

    What tips can you offer or maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

    I have read many tips online and this is what I generally do:

    I usually have about 3 or four separate "outposts" of gatherer, hunter and forester away from the main populated areas. I often cut down the trees in semicircles around these zones to regain logs and firewood.

    I also usually have several fishing docks and 3-4 farms/orchards by this point.

    I understand that building more houses makes room for more population, but I find that its a real struggle to allocate the population effectively at this point. I often get people dying either from starvation or from hypothermia. I find it challenging to keep them all stocked with both wood and food.

    The couple of times I have at least gotten that far, then I build a quarry and a couple of mines and have a hard time building the population enough to actually work those buildings.

    Is it at all effective to have low numbers of people (1-5) in those buildings? By this point I am usually dependent on those buildings as the land has been stripped of ore and stone. At least nearby my populated areas.

    I have built trading posts, but practically never do I feel I have enough excess of anything to stock up for trade.

    I've recently begun building barns at my outposts. I always have lots of stockpiles on the go.

    What could I be doing better?

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