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First (kinda) Big Python Game? (amd help witrh graphic interface)

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by WimJim, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. WimJim

    WimJim Guest

    Hey so I was wondering if you can see any bugs in my code, and can you maybe give me a few tips about adding a graphical interface? Thanks! Also I'm new to Stack Overflow so forgive me if the indenting is messed up.

    from random import randint
    still_afloat = True
    enemy_afloat = True
    ammo = 10
    print('Where will you place your ship?')
    your_pos = input('1,2,3,4, or 5?')
    while enemy_afloat == True and still_afloat == True:
    subm_num = randint(1,5)
    print('enemy territory ahead')
    print('A submarine somewhere.')
    print('Where do you fire?')
    print('The submarine moves each time you miss')
    target = input('1,2,3,4, or 5?')
    target_num = int(target)
    from random import randint
    sub_shot = randint(1,5)
    print('The Submarine fired at', sub_shot )

    if sub_shot == your_pos:
    still_afloat = False

    print('The Submarine Missed You')

    if target_num == subm_num:
    enemy_afloat = False

    print('You Miss!')
    print('The Submarine moves')
    ammo = ammo - 1
    print('Ammo remaining =' , ammo )

    if ammo == 0:
    print('You run out of ammo')
    print('The Submarine Escapes')
    still_afloat = False
    print('The Sub got away!')
    print('Game Over!')

    if still_afloat == False:
    print('The Submarine Sunk you')
    print('Mission Failed, We Will Get em Next Time')

    if enemy_afloat == False:
    print('You Sunk The Submarine')
    print('You Win')

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