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Effects of regular rock climbing on instrument play

Discussion in 'Social' started by 021, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. 021

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    The SE question linked above actually reminded me of a story about a guitar teacher that used to rock climb regularly but quit as he felt his climbing activity hindered his guitar play.

    As an occasional climber and a guitar player, I wondered about this story for quite a time. The answers in the question above claimed that working out should not be a problem for piano playing. But what about rock climbing ? Climbing definitely put some hard pressure to your fingers, and anyone who had ever rock climbed know that you feel that a numbness lingers in the fingers quite some time after climbing (several hours usually).

    Does rock climbing hinder, in the long-term, your finger dexterity, hence your instrument play ? If yes, how, and how much ?

    I'm more interested in the lingering effects from climbing exposure on the fingers (or arms), not so much about the injury risk from fall/mishap (of course if you crush your fingers on a rock it will seriously hinder your play). Though they're not totally out of the question either.

    For the instrument, I obviously think about the guitar, although I guess this question could be extended to any instrument that requires some finger dexterity, like the piano.

    EDIT : this is what I mean when I write 'climbing' : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_climbing

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