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Deproject Screen To World Coordinates (Unreal Engine 4.15)

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by nmnd, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. nmnd

    nmnd Guest

    I am working on a small game in Unreal Engine 4.15 using blueprints only and encountered a behaviour I don't understand.

    The game is based on the Top Down Example. As I'd like to teleport an actor to a world location corresponding to a screen location (i.e. left edge of the viewport). I use "Deproject Screen To World". Giving screen X = 0 and screen Y = 0 as input to this node, outputs world coordinates close to the bottom center of the viewport. In order to get a test actor to move to outputted world coordinates close to the left edge of the viewport, input screen coordinates need to unexpectedly high (around -20000.00 for both x and y). This occurs strange to me, as the viewport is much smaller (around 1400x740 in editor preview).

    I was hoping to use something like -(viewport width/2) for x screen coord (in case the x origin is centered.

    Where is the origin for screen coordinates?
    What unit are they measured in?

    Note: The location on screen is not set from mouse position, so i can not use "Get Hit Result Under Cursor".

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