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Connect gateway to AWS IoT

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by IoT user, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. IoT user

    IoT user Guest

    I want to connect an external gateway which recieves data from mqtt devices to my AWS IoT Core.

    In this picture you can find (more or less) a view of the project

    Details of the project

    Summarizing, I would like to connect the IoT Gateway of the prevous picture to AWS IoT Core

    I have seen a lot of examples about similar topics, but in noone I can find what I want to do.

    It is possible to do it only knowing the hostname/endpoint of my AWS cloud account and put it in my getway to send data to that host?

    How can I find my AWS hostname/endpoint? is this valid: aws iot describe_endpoint?

    After putting the host name in the external gateway I will create the subscription in the IoT Core

    The most similar tutorial that I have found was this:


    But instead of build a bridge beetwen mosquitto and AWS IoT, I will send directly the data from the gateway to AWS IoT

    If this is not the correct way, How I should do it?


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