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Clicking button should reload the page and the callout must be performed asynchronously

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by nagarjuna, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. nagarjuna

    nagarjuna Guest

    My question is, should clicking a button reload a page and perform an asynchronous callout?

    It looks like its reloading the page after finishing the callout.

    Custom Button : Execute JavaScript


    Apex class calls external application and updates the record field based on the response

    global class MyQuote

    webservice static void callNetsuite(String lstQuoteID)
    List<Quotes> requestQuote = new list<Quotes>();
    map<Id,Quote> mapquote = new map<Id,Quote>();
    list<Quote> lstQuote = [select Id,Name,Quote.Account.Name,Quote.Account.Netsuite_Customer_Id__c,
    (select Id,Quantity,UnitPrice,Product2Id,Product2.Name,Product2.Netsuite_Product_Id__c from QuoteLineItems)
    from Quote where Id=:lstQuoteID];

    HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
    HttpResponse res = new HttpResponse();
    Http http = new Http();
    String responseBody;
    String jsonbody = '[{"trandate":"4/1/2015","terms":"","shipaddresslist":"","recordtype":"salesorder","otherrefnum":"test quote SO1","item": [{"quantity":3.00,"item":"128","internalid":"","amount":399.00},{"quantity":3.00,"item":"130","internalid":"","amount":89.99}],"internalid":"","externalid":"0Q028000000L39DCAS","entity":"1249","billaddresslist":""}]'

    String authorizationHeader = 'NLAuth nlauth_account=XXXXX,nlauth_email=XXXXX,nlauth_signature=XXXXX';
    String endpoint = 'https://rest.na1.netsuite.com/app/site/hosting/restlet.nl?script=598&deploy=1';

    req.setHeader('Authorization', authorizationHeader);
    req.setTimeOut(120000) ;

    if (!Test.isRunningTest())
    //Send endpoint to Netsuite
    res = http.send(req);
    responseBody = res.getBody();
    } catch(System.CalloutException e) {
    }else {
    // dummy data
    responseBody = '200';

    if(responseBody != null && responseBody != '')
    List<resQuotes> quotelst = (List<resQuotes>)JSON.deserialize(responseBody,List<resQuotes>.class);
    list<Quote> updateQuotelst = new list<Quote>();
    for(resQuotes resp : quotelst)

    updating the quote record based on response




    global class resQuotes
    webService String recordtype;
    webService String internalid;
    webService String externalid;
    webService List<resItem> item;
    webService String salesordernumber;
    webService String issuccess;
    webService String errorcode;
    webService String errormessage;

    global class resItem
    webService String internalid;
    webService String externalid;
    webService String status;


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