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Choosing files and directories from widgets

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Lorenzo Gatti, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. I'm looking for the most convenient way to set up a Customize options page to enter a set of directories and then select one of those directories and one file in the selected directory (if possible, without spelling out the implied extension).

    I'd like a constrained file picker, presumably using a pop-up or in the minibuffer, or autocompletion within the text field but the directory and file data types in my widgets give basic text fields instead; this means a lot of copying and pasting.

    Is there a convenient way to choose between non-constant values and/or to modify widgets on the fly beyond widget-value-set (I would need to populate a list of files when the selected directory changes)? Can packages like ido, helm, icicles etc. be configured to provide autocompletion in Customize widgets?

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