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Call function of child view instance from parent view controller

Discussion in 'Programming/Internet' started by Andreas Schultz, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I have a motherView controlled by motherViewController with a container view in it. The container view is controlled by an childViewController. The childView holds an tableView.

    Now I have a cleanTableView function in the childViewController, which "resets" the tableView when called.

    func clean() {
    let indexPath = IndexPath(row: 0, section: 0)
    if let cell = tableView.cellForRow(at: indexPath) {
    if cell.accessoryType == .checkmark {
    cell.accessoryType = .none

    In my motherView there is a button. When this button is touched it calls an action on motherViewController.

    @IBAction func cancelButtonTapped(_ sender: UIBarButtonItem) {

    //call clean method of containerView instance


    How do I call, from this action, the cleanTableView function on the specific childView Instance?

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