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Better way to say keyboard/mouse combo

Discussion in 'Language & Culture' started by browly, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. browly

    browly Guest

    I'm looking for a better way to describe a keyboard and mouse that go together, as part of a set. They might just match aesthetically, or they could share the same USB dongle. Right now I just call it a "keyboard/mouse combo," but that is unwieldy. I checked on a few manufacturers' website, and they just called it a "keyboard + mouse combo" or "k + m combo". I don't like either of those terms because of the symbols (slash and plus sign).

    Examples of similar types of words: a collection of forks, spoons, and knives is collectively called "silverware" or "tableware."

    A set of special papers, envelopes, or even pens is collectively called "stationery".

    I feel like "hardware" isn't specific enough. "Peripheral" is a bit better, but still not specific enough as it could include joysticks, ten-keys, printers, and even monitors.

    Something related to the hand might work, since these are the devices that interact with your hand. "Manual input devices" or "hand input devices" are all right except I would still like something shorter, and I don't think people would understand these phrases. Something a lay person could understand is better than jargon.

    Words or phrases in actual use are preferred.

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