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Best data repository to publish a large 'plotly' table containing all annotations on a...

Discussion in 'Biology' started by Scientist, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Scientist

    Scientist Guest

    I want to publish a transcriptome paper, along with interactive materials enabling readers to peruse the data behind the discussion. The R package 'plotly' enables rendering online-publishable tables that can be filtered & searched for specific entries.

    I would like to publish such a table as supplementary to a paper (e.g. preprint version) however usually data repositories allow for uploading files and text. I intend to deposit the first version of my main manuscript to Bioarxiv, where they primarily publish .pdf files.

    Would anyone here know an official data repository with a format such that would enable publishing online an interactive table?

    A good example of such a table is given here.

    Disclaimer: I have also asked this question at SE BioInformatics. Like me, they are unsure which would be the best fitting SE Community.

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